So you’re all ready to take to the course to enjoy a nice day of 18 holes. However, as you’re leaving the house, you feel the rain start to come down a bit. Nothing will put a damper on your golf plans like some rainy weather. The perfect raingear can help you stay dry and prepared, and help you enjoy your round of golf so you won’t have to cancel plans. Here are the best lightweight raingear for a misty day on the course.

1. Kjus Men’s Pro 3L 2.0 Jacket
The Kjus Pro jacket is an amazing jacket. It’s valued at $499.99 making it a pretty expensive option. However, with the elevated cost, comes elevated quality. The jacket is built with body-zoned x-stretch panels to provide maximum stretch for every swing. The design helps to keep the rain and moisture away from your hands so your grip is never affected. It’s a bit heavier in terms of weight but not so much that it would impact your play. This jacket is a no-brainer in terms of a recommendation.

2. Kjus Gemini
This jacket honestly has it all. It is built to keep you warm in colder weather and keep you cool when it’s rainy, but a bit warm outside. Itis water resistant and waterproof depending on which side you’re wearing. An amazing jacket priced at $549. If you need a jacket to keep you covered in all conditions, this is the jacket for you.

3. Johnnie-O Wheeler Two Way Hoodie
This jacket, priced significantly less, comes in at around $145. This jacket is made up of UV fabric. This is great for those days where it’s a bit misty but the sun is still out, providing great versatility. It also comes with a hood that zips in, so you can easily pull it out on those rainy days and zip it in for the dry days. The last great feature it has is the moisture wicking material. On the days it’s a bit misty but also a bit warm, this material will help keep you dry and playing your best.

4. Under Armour Storm Stance
Another great cheaper option, the Under Armour Storm Stance comes in at around $160. This jacket features material that is lightweight and water-repellant for those rainy days. Along with being water repellant this material is also super lightweight and breathable. This material allows you to transition nicely from a rainy morning to a sunny, brisk afternoon day.

5. Footjoy DryJoys Tours LTS
This jacket is a great buy for those that are golfing in the colder climates. It keeps you incredibly warm, while keeping you dry at the same time. The material has stretch to allow you to get the most out of every swing you may need. It is a bit heavier and not as versatile as some of the others on this list but it’s a great option for those playing in cooler weather.

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