Summer seems to come and go in a flash of an eye. Instead of sitting in misery over the loss of summer, fall can be the perfect time to play golf. The weather is not as hot and humid, there is no more melting in the sun just to get through those 18 holes. The one problem that exists is what you should wear in the cool fall and winter months. Here is the latest golf fashion to keep you warm on the course.

Lululemon Expeditionist Jacket
If you could be freezing in the morning during tee off and hot in the afternoon depending on what part of the country you are in. Dressing in layers on the golf course is perfect if you need a jacket in the morning or a t-shirt in the afternoon. The Lululemon Expeditionist Jacket provides a well-constructed waterproof jacket. The jacket has a clenched hem, allowing you to customize the fit to your needs.

Adidas Heathered Layering ¼ Zip
Living in a warmer environment such as Florida and California where it is warm year-round means you don’t need a thick jacket. The Adidas Heathered Layering ¼ Zip is a nice light long sleeve layer that provides warmth to keep you comfortable in chilly weather. The jacket is not thought and perfect for cooler weather.

Forrester Long Sleeve V-Neck Lined Golf Windshirt
This jacket is perfect for wintertime tee off and will keep you warm during your adventure. This jacket is water-resistant to keep you dry in the event of rain. It has an open hem design allowing for improved mobility and a durable 50D poly shell for wind protection. This is a perfect stylish jacket for the golf course.

Lined Performance Sweater
The Lined Performance Sweater by Foot Joy is a stylish sweater that will provide you with protection from the cold. It is stylish and comfortable allowing you to focus on your golf performance. The sweater is half zip making it easy to put on and take off as needed.

The Annapolis Long Sleeve by Rhoback
Now, this shirt is bound to turn some heads due to its fancy design and performance. The Rhoback Annapolis Men’s Long Sleeve polo has a dog logo and is a breathable and quick drying shirt. It has great stretch, and won’t get in the way of that golf swing. The shirt is soft and comes in many colors.

Fall golfing brings great weather and wonderful playing conditions. Golfing in the fall does come with some challenges, with the cooler weather, you need to dress in layers. When you arrive on the golf course, your tee time may be delayed due to the ground conditions such as frost, leaves on the course, and taller grass. If this is the case, layers are perfect until you get out there on the course raising your body temperature. These shirts are bound to keep you nice and warm on the course while staying stylish.

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