When it comes to our golf clubs, the grip is the only thing standing between our handicap and an excellent score. There are many reasons a grip will unravel and need replacing over time. When replacing your grips, here are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Choosing the Grips to Re-Grip
Players need to consider a few things when it comes to selecting the grips for their golf clubs. You want a custom grip and want it to have the perfect fit for your exact needs. These are some important factors to consider as you think about getting  your clubs regripped.

When it comes to grips, size matters. If your fingers are not touching the base of your thumb slightly, there may be something wrong with the size of the grip you selected. That is, the grip should not rub.

Many players will wear a glove, at least on their lead hand. The glove(s) should be considered when going for the texture of the grips. That is, you do not want to have something that will be overzealous on the grip. Nor do you want something that will be underserving of your needs. You might have different needs than your teenage grandson.

Having the proper firmness of the grip is essential to getting the perfect swing. If you are one of those who swing and need torque, you should not compromise on the grip. Having the wrong firmness can throw off your golf swing very quickly.

Prevailing Weather
When playing in prevailing weather, it is essential to have the proper grips. You may want a corded grip for your clubs just so the club does not fly out of your hand during the inclimate weather.

What are the Types of Grips?
There are four categories of golf grips so be sure to think about each of them. As a player, you will want to look for the correct balance of feel, durability, tackiness, and more. Many of today’s grip manufacturers will use a variety of materials for their grips.

While these are the most popular among players, many manufacturers will use synthetic materials in a wrapped grip. That is, they will not use only genuine leather materials. When they do so, it is for the players’ good.

These are the most common of all grips. That is, they are economical and many everyday golfers can handle the cost of these types of grips. When it comes to rubber grips, many golf clubs, new, will come equipped with this type.

Many players who play in wet and humid weather will prefer corded grips. Also, players who have a hard swing prefer them. The cords collect moisture.

Let us not forget how the fingers and the palm of our hand have different needs. Hybrid grips have a combination of a beautiful corded upper and a well-needed rubber grip for the lower end of the handle.

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