Undoubtedly, the most important way you can lower your golf score and vastly improve your overall skill is to work on your short game. By taking consistent steps to smooth your basic technique, shot selection, and understanding of which irons are most beneficial in which situations, you can see astounding improvement in a relatively short amount of time. Here are six ways to immediately go way under par.

1. Lean into the putt.
Place a great deal of your weight on your forward foot and lower your shoulder to pair with your foot. This affords your putter an angle to the ball where you can make it pop out of the rougher grass and roll smoothly onto the green. Practice this often and you will rub off a few strokes in no time.

2. Use the pigeon-toed approach.
Point your toes inward to limit the movement of your lower body. A still lower body makes it easier to putt a straight line. It’s jerky movements that often throw a golfer’s swing off just enough to send it somewhere it’s not wanted.

3. Loosen up on chip shots.
The worst thing a golfer can do is to tense up as they are chipping. A tight grip can throw your whole short game off. Remember to loosen up your hands as you are gripping the iron. Hold the club moderately firm. Keeping loose hands will lessen the tightness in your wrists and arms, enabling you to have a smooth, consistent putt.

4. Rotation, rotation, rotation.
Golfers new to the game may feel that rotating the body is only for long shots. However, connecting squarely with the ball during chips and pitches means you must rotate your body in order to move fluidly through the swing. With your club head cocked back, use your right knee to kick into the left one, in order to begin your body’s movement into a full swing.

5. Accelerate into your swing. Upon contact, the club must be moving quickly. If you don’t, you’ll hit behind the ball or ruin the shot, You don’t want the ball to go too far. However, one way you can shorten the gap is to reduce your back swing. Do not swing the way you would in a normal swing. But retain the speed in your swing.

6. Visualize the shot’s landing.
Always make sure you know precisely where you want your shot to land. It is not sufficient to see your target and hit it somewhere in that vicinity. You need to take everything into account. Are you hitting uphill? Downhill? How close is the rough? Let your decision for the ball’s landing account for the lie of the green and everything else. Find a spot that is exactly where you want to hit and picture yourself putting the ball exactly in that spot.

These six tips, if practiced regularly, are sure to take your golf games to new heights. Good luck!!

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