With every step you make on a golf course, there are countless health benefits attached to it. Playing golf is a good way of showcasing your skills, passing the time, and getting rid of excess fats. Fortunately, these are not the only benefits of this glorious sport.

1. Socializing on golf pitch reduces stress.
Are you having a busy week, and everything seems to be going off the line? Whether you like it or not, at one time you will be faced between an anvil and hummer situation! In case it happens, take a trip to the golf course. At the moment you socialize with other players, you will feel the pressure of a busy schedule getting off of your head. This is what you need to perfectly match your work and health and benefit each side.

2. Golfing reduces cholesterol levels.
The action of moving around the golf course is one form of exercise that reduce cholesterol levels. This, in turn, slims the odds of you getting a heart attack or high blood pressure.

3. Playing golf is good for your vision.
According to WHO, almost 2.2 billion people have eyesight problems, and you might be one of them! Why don’t you take a few hours on one uneventful Saturday to play golf? Scientists state that playing golf is a natural remedy for poor eyesight.

4. Golf helps you sleep better.
Insomnia is another lifestyle disease affecting millions of people worldwide. It is evident that playing golf on a regular routine exercises your body long enough to improve your sleeping schedule. Experts say that a normal golf game will take at least 4 hours of moving up and down. During your session, don’t drive the buggy; instead, walk. This will reward your body with enough sleep.

5. There is little risk of being injured when golfing
Golf is among the safest sports in the world. Injuries in the golf course are almost unheard of! Playing it not only improves your general health but also prevents you from visiting the emergency wing. Also, since you can play the game at your own pace, you will not overstrain your muscles, thus reducing the chances of injuries.

6. Golf game stimulates the brain.
Other than killing anxiety and stress, golf stimulates the brain. Golf is a game of chance backed by training, calculations, and a shooter’s skills which all call for alertness. So if it is your turn to take a shot, your brain will be active since you must weigh the risk and reward of each shot. Examples of the questions that will stimulate your brain on a golf course are; how long will the golf ball travel? How many points will I add after this shot?

Similarly, there is the psychological aspect of golfing where your golfing mates are betting on you to win. If you miss a shot, your buddies lose; to avoid this, you must stay alert and avert all obstacles that will prevent you from winning. In the end, your brain will benefit by staying active throughout the game.

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