Even the most experienced golfer has areas of improvement. There’s always room to get better. That’s where golf swing analyzers come into play. In the year 2021 technology has allowed us to do things we never thought possible. In the early 2000s if you wanted to analyze your swing to improve your game, you had to hire a coach who would tell you how to improve and fix your mistakes. Another option would’ve been to record your swing and ask for advice analyzing it. Nowadays with swing analyzers we can improve and get better all by ourselves. They’re able to utilize data from our swings to tell us what we’re doing wrong and how to improve. Here are the best golf swing analyzers for 2021.

Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracking System
The Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracking System is a marvel in today’s technology landscape. This product works by attaching the sensors to your clubs. These sensors are lightweight and won’t impact your swing or comfort at all. Once you’ve downloaded the free Arccos app through your smartphone you can pair your sensors with the app. By doing this the app can track your movements and your angles to make sure you have the best swing possible. The app is able to individualize your hits into driving, chipping, putting, etc. to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This swing analyzer is one of the best that money can buy and an easy recommend.

Blast Golf Swing Trainer
The Blast Golf Swing Trainer works in a similar manner to the Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracking System. You need to attach the sensors to your clubs and download the app to start analyzing your swing. Another great feature of the Blast Golf Swing Trainer is its use of video capture. You’re able to take videos of your swings and it will help you break down your swing in slow motion to improve. This system also comes with a training center which allows you to run professional drills and training exercises as well. This is a no-brainer of a recommendation.

Mobitee and PIQ Golf Sport Tracker
The Mobitee and PIQ Golf Sport Tracker also works by adding sensors to your clubs to track the motion. The cool thing about the Mobitee and PIQ Golf Sport Tracker is that it works like a digital caddy. It is able to analyze distance for each club and recommends you a different club depending on the hole and the distance. The Mobitee and PIQ Golf Sport Tracker keeps track of how far you hit using each club and it’s able to store that information for you. It is also able to keep good record of your swing path so you can monitor is closely and tweak it to get the best results when golfing. This really is an amazing swing analyzer. It is highly recommended.

If you are looking to improve your golf game, then these golf swing analyzers are sure to get you there.

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