If you’re seeking to find the best rangefinder to help you with your golfing, then take a look at this list below. Here are some of the most creative rangefinders on the market.

1. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Golf Rangefinder
You will love the price coming in at less than 152 dollars and listed as a best seller on Amazon. This rangefinder has almost a five-star rating. The rangefinder has plenty to offer with technology design and accessories, including a pulse vibration technology with a 600-yard range and a battery that lasts a long time.

2. Tec, Tec, Tec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder
This rangefinder easily makes the list with its being able to extend as far as 1000 miles. The technology in the ULT- X Golf Rangefinder targets flags from 450 yards but is capable of a hazard of 1000 miles. The 6x magnification allows crystal clear viewing, and the technology is easy to use, including the slow mode and scan mode, which provide fast readings. The price is only 249.99

3. Tec, Tec, Tec VPR0500 Rangefinder
Looking for an affordable rangefinder, the VPR0500 Rangefinder not only has a valuable price at around 149.99 but comes with plenty of technology that rivals the more expensive rangefinder. You get measuring extending up to 540 yards and continuous scan format. The Pin-Seeker technology allows for better results with accuracy, and the VPR0500 comes with an indicator for low battery mode, a carry pouch, battery, wrist strap, and a start guide.

4. The Callaway Golf Rangefinder 300 Pro, 350 Pro
Another excellent valued rangefinder with almost a five-star rating at Amazon. This Golf Rangefinder is also on their Amazon choice list and at a good price of only 199.99 for the Pro version. You will love the accurate slope measurement on the Callaway Rangefinder. With its magnification of 6x, it gives you a range from 500 to 1000 yards. This rangefinder comes with pin locking technology so that you can easily target the pin from a distance of 300 yards. How is that for precision? Along with 300 Pro, you can find the Callaway Golf Rangefinder in three other models including 350 TL, EZ, Tour-S.

5. TackLife Golf Laser Rangefinder For Golf & Hunting
If you thought the others were a good value for the price, then you love this Rangefinder. At only 129.99, the TackLife Golf Laser Rangefinder has a five-star rating on Amazon. And well it should, you get a range to about 900 yards. The ability to adjust the distance with its adaptive slope technology. Optical lens with 6x the magnification and has a diopter adaptation function to increase focus. The Rangefinder comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, so you don’t have to worry about replacing an old battery.

6. Gogogo Sport VPRO Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range
This Rangefinder makes a great gift to give, and the price is only 89.99 if you buy it now. One of Amazon’s top sellers, Gogogo VPRO Laser Rangefinder, has a slope function or either version, but the 650y offers a switch button at around 104.99. With either version, you get an accurate distance measurement. You also get update functions such as continuous range reading, a flagpole vibration locking mode, and pin seeking function.

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