Regardless of how far away your next golf trip is, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct luggage before you leave. Guarding your golf clubs while going on a golf holiday can be difficult. So you’ll probably need to do a bunch of research on a quality golf luggage that fits your needs. Golf luggage is intended to hold your regular golf bag, clubs, and a couple of extras while you fly or drive to your destination.

Since there are numerous types of golf luggage available, it may be a challenge to sort out which are really worth purchasing. From wheeled golf luggage to hard travel cases we have found the best of the best.

What type of Golf Luggage is best for me?
When looking for luggage for your golf bag, there are a couple items to pay special mind to. The main choice you’ll need to make a decision on is if a hard-or soft luggage bag is best for you. Hard cases are ordinarily more solid and offer the most confidence in protecting your clubs. But, it can be hard to fit a hard case in a small to mid sized vehicle. And it may cost more when checking a hard pack at the airport. Soft or nylon golf luggage bags are helpful on the grounds that they’re smaller, lightweight and simple to store when not being used.

There are a lot of interesting points that ease the struggle traveling with golf clubs. Many Golf luggage bags offer additional cushioning, numerous handles, wheels and pockets that make carrying your golf gear through an airport leisurelier. In the event that extra room is critical to you, ensure your golf luggage has a lot of extra pockets to store your golf shoes and balls as well.

Here are the 8 best Golf Luggage options on the market today:

Samsonite Hard Case Golf Luggage
This solid golf luggage case is a top pick among golfers due to the security when traveling to their gold destination. The case is cushioned and there is an additional layer of padding on the top to guard club heads. The Samsonite case can even carry enormous drivers and longer clubs.

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Surprisingly the Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf luggage bag to a great choice with a great price. The reinforced nylon bag offers durable wheels, padding for club heads, extra pockets and solid handles.

Ogio Mutant Travel Cover
Ogio Mutant Travel Cover is a nylon sided travel case is an extraordinary choice if you’re searching for something that is simpler to carry than a hard golf luggage case. Despite the fact that it’s lightweight the golf luggage bag has extensive compartments that fits far beyond a bunch of clubs. This gold luggage bag is a great value at around $60.

The Himal Golf Luggage Bag
This nylon sided golf satchel from Himal is a top of the line golf luggage option. The adaptable bag can either lay level or stand upright. It has multiple handles and durable wheels so hauling it around the air terminal is somewhat less troublesome. There’s additionally an outside pocket that for your phone, balls and golf shoes.

CaddyDaddy Golf Luggage
CaddyDaddy Golf luggage offers a spacious inside, lightweight yet solid design, and a lot of pockets that lock as well. It’s made of though nylon, with a defensive layer of cushioning on top to guard your clubs, and it can larger golf bags. CaddyDaddy Golf luggage is available at a reasonable price as compared to similar luggage on the market.

Founders Club Golf Luggage
The Founders Club Golf Luggage consolidates hard and soft nylon like materials so get to best of the hard and soft case worlds. The two outside pockets can even fit your golf shoes, and the main compartment can handle the largest of clubs.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian
Gold luggage by Sun Mountain stands apart from the rest as its design includes extendable wheeled legs, makes it extremely easy to move around even with a full golf bag packed. Since the additional wheels put the luggage at an incline you will never need to strain your back when retrieving something from a pocket. This also make taking club in and out much easier.

SKB Deluxe Golf Luggage Bag
This hard-sided solid golf luggage case from SKB is quite possibly the most solid choices available. It’s made with polyethylene that keeps soil, residue, and dampness out, and it even accompanies a TSA locking framework and modern hooks to guarantee your golf gear is consistently protected. This SKB Case is known to be extremely tough and strong.

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