Golf can be a fun, relaxing game to play with friends, coworkers, and colleagues, but sometimes players want a little challenge. Sometimes they want to challenge their game and see if they’re up for the gauntlet. Here are the toughest golf courses in America.

Pine Valley, New Jersey
This golf course is surrounded by hilly and challenging terrain. The 18th hole has a green that is almost entirely surrounded by bunkers. If you don’t happen to hit the green, this hole could sink you. Take some time to look ahead before you get sunk in the bunker.

The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
The Ocean Course is one of the hardest courses in all of America. It’s notorious for its greens that border the Atlantic Ocean. The winds constantly fling sand around and the natural terrain makes this one tough for even the most experienced golfer.

Koolau Golf Club, Oahu, Hawaii
The Koolau golf club often times resembles that of a rainforest, or an uncharted territory. This course received over 100 inches of rain per year making this course super wet most of the year. Because of the rain, a lot of the course and its surrounding areas contain various vegetation and brush making this course a difficult one to navigate. Don’t forget your raincoat when you head to this course!

Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pennsylvania
This course is known for its crazy green speeds. You need to be extremely careful with your putting or you could be stuck on the green for a while going in circles. Do your homework first or risk running up your score.

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club, Asheboro, North Carolina
Tot Hill Farm Golf Club is infamous for its terrain. Mountains and creeks are intertwined throughout the greens and fairways of this golf course creating some of the most challenging holes across the country. You may need to bring your hiking boots in your golf bag as well!

Whistling Straits, Haven, Wisconsin
The key to this course is mastering the dunes. Some of the dunes built into this course eclipse the 70 foot mark in height making this course a real treat for someone looking for a real challenge. Be sure to pack your sand wedge!

Tobacco Road Golf Club, Sanford, North Carolina
With super steep pits and super wide greens, this course seems to have everything backward. With the confusing build, it’s sure to stump even the best of golfers.

Medalist Golf Club, Hobe Sound, Florida
If you’ve ever wondered how hard golfing in a swamp would be, try golfing at Medalist Golf Club.

Hallbrook Country Club, Leawood, Kansas
This course features 15 water hazards. That’s almost as many hazards as holes. You could be in for some swimming if you play this course!

Spyglass Hill Golf Course, Pebble Beach, California
This golf course is known for its foggy fairways and use of the natural forest. It’s a real challenge to get through this whole course.

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